Automatic Brake Test Unit

The next generation of brake testing equipment

Automatic Brake Test Unit

As a result of existing obsolete testing methods and equipment JJA Track have developed the Automatic Brake Test Unit (ABTU). This unit aims to decrease overall testing time over conventional methods. Plus increasing testing accuracy and reliability. The unit also publishes results to the cloud meaning all tests can be accessed centrally where ever. Moving your testing in to the digital world.


Our Innovations​

Introducing ABTU


The JJA Track ABTU offers the highest level of traceability. Each unit automatically publishes the data straight into Siemens MindSphere for instant viewing. Also each unit is equiped with GPS technology so the location of each unit is tracked.

Using both MindSphere and Tracking technology, allows the test conducted to be secure and highly traceable.

Latest Technology

Each test unit is built with the latest Siemens technology, and developed using years of automation experience. All lending to greater reliability and accuracy on the testing procedure and results.

Flexibility & Portability

The ABTU software allows for configurable parameters, allowing for flexible testing of various configurations.


Each unit comes with both battery and mains power capabilities, increasing their portability. The portability allows these units to be deployed where ever they are needed.


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